CBDayz Raw Files | Episode 4

 Release Dates: 2ND Oct, 6th Oct, 13th Oct, 20th Oct, 27th Oct, 3rd Nov, 10th Nov, 17th Nov, 24th Nov, 1st Dec 2020

Featuring 3 Times X-Games Real Snow Gold Medalist



10 episodes featuring never before seen footage of pro snowboarder Frank Bourgeois as he fights his demons on the most dangerous urban features ever attempted on a snowboard.

Some never released crashes that led to several injuries that have been treated by using CBDayz CBD oils and topicals. Watch Frank in action and find out his secret for dealing with so much pain and anxiety as he stomps three real snow gold medals in a row.

Filmed: @willd.hunter and @charlesdemers
Edited: @mitchland_adventure
Rider: @frankbourg

WhAt Is CBDayz?

We are an athlete-driven science backed CBD research group, led by the desire to keep practicing our favorite sports well into old age. 

The common negative side effects of living with passions in action sports are the injuries and chronic pains. Our struggle is real and the reason why we formed CBDayz. We're a community of riders coming together with a true need to heal ourselves.

We're grateful to work with some of the best extreme sports athletes on the planet because our founders and team are snowboarders, skaters and surfers all getting after it too! 


What IS CBD?

Scientific research suggests that CBD may play a role in brain functionality, energy, focus, pain management and overall wellness. Furthermore, it could be linked as an immunity boosting, sleep and an overall enhancement to their quality of life. We can only speak from personal experience so we employ you to do your research and see for yourself. 

Learn more on CBD Science Here.

What's Frank's Favourite CBDayz Product & Why?

I started to use CBDayz products a couple of years ago in California, mostly creams and tinctures. I instantly loved CBDayz and I quit using meds (pills, anti- inflammatory and stuff like that). My favourite product is the CBDayz CBD OG Muscle Gel. 2000mg is potent and works wonders on big slams.


Did You Know? CBD, along with THC, is a main component of the cannabis variant marijuana, but it’s THC that gives marijuana users a high.
CBD is non-psychoactive in nature, and therefore cannot make you high.