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We get after amazing relationships with people. It's a huge reason why we founded CBDayz. We love working with retail stores and distributors who align with CBDayz.

With an established and evolving list of pro riders, influencers, retailers and our CBDayz scientists pioneering new CBD research and development, joining us now as a wholesale or retail supplier drops you into this fast growing space with us. We'd love to have you on board.

How Do I Get Started As A CBDayz Wholesale/Retail Representative:
Firstly, we recommend you try a few products first before you invest in bigger quantities. This way you can taste and test our quality, get feedback from staff and customers. Feel free to use this coupon code at checkout on an order of $250 or more with code TasteTest25USA.

I Love Your Product. Gimme' more!
Our minimum wholesale order is of $1000USD and you'll get a whopping 50% off at checkout. We don't care what you order for this value off our site, so simply apply WholeAgain50USA at checkout and your order is on it's way! Any questions, just hit us up as we're here to help make your order process as smooth as OG Muscle Gel wiped onto an influencers body after a spa bath.

New to CBD:

Our customer support provides guidance for any and all B2B and CBD related questions. Maybe you're deciding on what CBDayz products are right for your business to stock? That's why we're here! Our support team are knowledgable, friendly and a click or call away! 

Your Voice Matters:
Like any snowboarder, skater or surfer; we're always looking for progression and opportunities to learn from our customers on how we can improve. After all, we make our products to help athletes in action sports so they need to work! Your comments and voice matter and improvements to the way we work together are always encouraged. No matter what thoughts, ideas or feedback; we'd love to hear from you!

Product Questions: 
Have a question about a product we sell or simply wish to shoot s#it with our staff about CBD, action sports and adventures? We're here to help you have an awesome CBDayz experience and in general, a good day.


Dayz LTD
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Our Wholesale FAQ

We list every question we get asked by our customers in our General FAQ. We make it easy to source responses for yourself and for your customers. From"What Is CBD"  to "Will This Get Me High?"


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Commonly Asked Questions & Answers


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