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There are so many products on the market, it must be hard to make the difference between the good and the not so good CBD topicals. We felt it's time to share some of our CBD product secrets, hoping you get to understand why the results of our CBD are so amazing. Before we start debunking most of the key ingredients and their functionalities, we have to start from the inception. The initial goal was to have a CBD product that was not only delivering results, but also practical to use. By creating a CBD gel instead of a balm, we were able to engineer a CBD product that spreads easily on large surfaces, leaves your hands non greasy and dries fast. We made no compromises on making our CBD recipe with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Every time we use our CBDayz OG Muscle Gel, we realize how great it truly is and when we hear all the feedback from our friends and customers, it simply makes us proud and happy to be able to help our action sport community dealing with their injuries.




Aloe Juice: Most kids who have been snagged by a jelly fish while playing near the ocean can easily understand and remember the instantaneous, almost life-saving and cooling effects of this gooey clear coloured juice which drips out of a thick and long shaped cactus looking e leaf which succeeds in soothing the burn and appeasing the suffering in less than 15 minutes. Or maybe you’ve experienced the Aloe’s plant benefits after a good July "first day at the beach" sunburn. It’s a key ingredient in our OG Muscle gel for many reasons. The main one being the strong and hydrating properties of its juice making it an undeniable winning element in our topical CBD recipe. It also has great ant-inflammatory properties and is famously known for treating many various but common dermatological problems such as acne, minor burns and dry skin. This is why unlike your classic over the counter anti-inflammatory, applying our CBD Gel on any newly damaged or sore body part, even tough fresh scabs or rashy areas is a pleasant and soothing experience. On top of that, in order to complete its nutritious profile, it has many antioxidants, minerals  and vitamins such has amino and folic acids, calcium, and Vitamin A, C, E and B12. This is why it’s also found in many healthy diets and suggested as a great and highly recommended alternative for trainers and nutritionists. But please, don’t eat our CBD Muscle Gel even though it’s all natural and organic! On top of that, let’s not forget that this magical plant was used by Christopher Colombus on his wounded soldiers and Cleopatra used it in her beauty products. We like to think they both would have loved using our CBD gel, loaded with pure American 99.9% CBD isolate!

Aloe CBD OG Muscle Gel

Menthol Crystals: This popular white and minty ingredient might not need any introductions, since it has already made its own name by acting strongly when a cooling effect is needed to ease pain. With its effective antispasmodic properties which help relax muscles, we simply couldn’t ignore it.  But like any sports teams with only one all-star player, and unlike the majority of iconic anti-inflammatory non-cbd topical brands; we aren’t only counting on the Menthol to score all the points. Our approach is different, we use the Menthol more lightly to achieve a fresh and cooling sensation, without letting its smell and impression over shine our true all-star MVP ingredient: CBD. Relief from menthol is great, but our mission goes deeper: We want to help you heal your injuries and eliminate pain faster. You can expect the cooling effect of menthol, but you won’t have to wash your hands afterwards and the smell won’t invade the entire room - we promise!


White Camphor Bark Oil: When it comes to extraction, the White Camphor Bark Oil can be distilled into different coloured oils like yellow and blue but it’s the white Camphor Bark Oil that has safe medicinal properties and the one you’ll most likely find in a various range of anti-inflammatory topicals and natural medicines. Our main interest in this ingredient comes from its ability to ease spasms. White Camphor Bark Oil has been largely touted for centuries all over the world because of its proven track record in Chinese and Indian medicine. It’s a very potent oil made by juicing out the roots, branches or wood chips of the Bark tree. It has an intense fresh and woody smell and is mainly used to help with congestion and various forms of colds, which is why it simply feels right on the nose by incorporating this particular oil with the rest of our natural fragrances. The list of healing properties and different reasons for applying Camphor oil goes on forever, but keep in mind that it is an important asset in our OG Muscle Gel CBD recipe for specific reasons; it is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain while also acting as a stimulant which boosts metabolism and immune system. It also contributes to relieving  pain by opening up  skin pores for the CBD to enter the muscular tissues simultaneously. 

Citronella oil: Famous for its insect repellant properties, yellowish Citronella oil has a great citrus smell and is loaded with limonene terpenes. However, it has much more to offer than protecting you from mosquitos. The real secret super power of Citronella in our OG Muscle gel is its ability to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Older or damaged articulations will appreciate this special addition to our mixture. On top of that, it helps contribute to pain relief all while rejuvenating through its pore-tightening action. Citronella oil’s smell also provides a warming and relaxing sensation which suits our OG Gel profile perfectly. 

 Meadow foam Seed oil:  Developed in the 1950’s by the USDA when stumbled upon by accident when researching for renewable raw materials,. this subtle odour-free oil comes from a cute little white flowered plant, and has been recognized as one of the best natural lipids to stabilize natural topical recipes like ours. It’s composed of more or less 95% of fatty acids. Its exceptional oxidative stability is what contributes in extending the shelf life our CBD Gel. The oil is light-coloured, odour free and can also be found in a wide range of high-end cosmetic products and personal care formulations.

Capsicum Fruit Oloeresin: is a name that sounds really fancy, but the truth is that Capsicum is basically a compound isolated from the red hot chilli peppers. Extracts and resins vary from yellowish to reddish-brown viscous liquids. This selected ingredient contains Capsaicin, which is responsible for the tingly hot burning sensation that takes place when you eat or handle hot peppers. You guessed it right, we have added a very classic heating element to our exclusive formula, and this is the secret (shhhh) of why our OG Muscle gel succeeds in delivering this unique and perfectly balanced icy-hot sensation each and every time you use it.

Other ingredients and their targeted properties

 Nourish, repair, balance, calm, smooth.

 -Sweet Basil oil

-Rosemary leaf oil

-Ravensara oil

Antispasmodic, Muscle discomfort

 -Black pepper oil

-Cinnamon Leaf oil

-Eucalyptus leaf oil

-Peppermint oil


-Roman Chamomile flower oil

-Helechrysum flower oil

-Ginger Root oil

-Juniper Berry oil

-Lemongrass oil

-Pine Needle oil

-Wild Oregano oil

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