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"I love the CBDayz muscle gel! I put it on my back, neck, knees, ankles, wherever I feel I need it. Long term it really helps to reduce any inflammation so I can stay limber, ready to go, and strong for riding. It helps to eliminate any pain I’m experiencing so that I can enjoy snowboarding that much more!"

IG: @RyanAPaul

Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Age: 33

Injury list: Nothing too crazy actually, mostly just getting kicked around a bit, being sore, a couple broken bones so long ago… 
Most painful injury: I got a massive Hematoma on my a$$ when I was filming for World Record Jump. That thing hurt pretty bad and just would not go away. The worst part of it all was just not being able to ride up to my full potential because of it. That thing annoyed the crap out of me all season… literally and figuratively [chuckles]
Ryan Paul by Trevor Slattery

Number of surgeries:  Luckily none. I broke my collar bone a long time ago and could have got surgery to reset the bones for that. But I opted to let the bones fuse weirdly instead, now I just have a funny little lump there next to my right shoulder.  
Ryan Paul bomb drop

Outside of using CBD, what are your 3 most consistent healthy habits to keep getting after it?
1. I like to do yoga or some form of stretching/deep breathing combination. I feel like it really helps to breathe into my muscles while stretching to get any soreness or stiffness out of them and get them oxygenated and loose!
2. I also like to just drink a lot of water. That’s key.
3. I’ll say the last thing is to just maintain a positive outlook and do my best every day and not get down on myself for too long when I don’t. Life is long, you got a lot of time to mess up and also do really cool sh!t. Have fun and be happy! 

What is the biggest challenge or fear you face about snowboarding/skate/surf/injuries?
Mostly the big challenge with injuries is to figure out how to heal them, to give them the time to heal and give them the resources they need to heal. Creating an environment from the outside-in for your body to heal and thrive is what CBDayz is all about. That’s why I love the stuff!! 
Ryan paul CBDayz skateboarding

What is your long-term solution to handle it?
(Special brace, training, no booze etc.…) Been off the booze for a while. I hear that helps. I’ve gone in and out eating different ways. Maybe long-term diet/ food choices will play a bigger role in my recovery from injuries and path toward a more optimal physical state… I’m still pretty young [laughs]

What was the worst recovery experience you’ve had over the years? I broke my collarbone about a decade ago and that was kind of a weird recovery. Like I said earlier I opted to not get the surgery to realign the bones, so when it healed it made my right shoulder a little off, which kind of threw everything off with my body for quite a while. I still don’t know if anything really went fully back to normal or if I just subconsciously adjusted everything for the offset, but we’re all good now! 

Do you mess with opioids at all? What’s your take on that?
I have but in the future I probably wouldn’t unless I were in a lot of pain, and I’d still be really cautious. I have had some injuries where it was prescribed to me and I took them for a while but ended up not loving some of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms that would set in seemingly pretty quick after taking them for a little while. I ended up just flushing them down the drain. I’ve heard a lot about how addictive they can be and the opioid epidemic and it just doesn’t seem all that appealing to dabble if I don’t have to. Stick with something more natural :)
What is the freestyle trick you hope to still be doing at 65 years old?
Front Flips for sure. They’re super easy, I think everyone should learn them. I have a few more big obstacles I would like to take the Front Flip to in the meantime, but maybe the big end goal will be to still be able to just do one at all when I turn 65. 
Ryan Paul Sleep snowboards cbd cbdayz

What are the values that drives you to snowboard so much?
  I just value time outside and time with friends as well as time alone on a board to be in my body and be free to express myself through the snowboard. I enjoy all the places I get to go with snowboarding (skating and surfing as well) whether they’re a more natural or urban setting- for me it’s just fun to get to explore planet earth a little bit more by using a board and experiencing places though that. 

What other sponsors are currently supporting your dopamine habit?
CBDayz rules! I own Sleep Snowboards and ZANY.. they help pay the bills. WEND waxworks, Bent Metal Bindings, Crab Grab and 32 all help support the habit!


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