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CBDayz is a CBD brand lead by the athletes feedback on what works and what could be improved. We work with extreme sports athletes from around the world in the sports of snowboarding, surfing and skating to learn what works for them in order to tweak our products to suit riders like yourself who go big, take slams, get up and get after it!

For most riders, our CBDayz CBD OG Muscle Gel 2000mg is potent and works wonders after a days riding. We spent over 2 years working with athletes like DCP, Frank Bougeois and Madison Ellsworth to refine our recipe for the best outcomes. 

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Did You Know? CBD, along with THC, is a main component of the cannabis variant marijuana, but it’s THC that gives marijuana users a high.
CBD is non-psychoactive in nature, and therefore cannot make you high.


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