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Our premium CBD products are made with love in California, USA and Colorado, USA by our really smart team of farmers and scientists. All our CBD products are made with love, from our farm to you and are THC Free*. Running CBDayz is a select group of business minds and action sports athletes.

Test, Improve, Test, Improve

Our CBDayz founders, employees and our team of athletes then test our products and provide us with feedback. The way we appraoch our recipes is the same as how we approach stomping a trick in action sports. Like a good looking trick on your board, we tweak it to perfection and only show it off when confident and ready to commit! The outcome of us quality controlling and being present in our entire manufacturing process means that CBDayz CBD is widely considered as being the best CBD and best quality CBD on the market for any extreme sports athlete.

Transparent Third Party Lab Testing

One more thing we do that's that little bit extra! We third party lab test our CBD products to ensure our CBD is the highest quality CBD for sale. These lab tests pick up on granular details in the CBD qualities, ingredients, THC levels and all that nerdy stuff on "what's in it". Instead of keeping our certificates from these labs under lock and key, we put every Certificate Of Analysis (COA's) on every CBDayz product page for you to sticky-beak at any time. We figure if you're using it, you have every right to know what's in it!

The CBDayz Guarantees

We keep our transparent honesty going with our CBDayz guarantees. These include a 60 day money-back guarantee, a full refund if not happy with the results and our promise that we will give back 1% of our profits every year to planting trees near the equator and helping other organizations that help the world.



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