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Frank Bourgeois Interview

Frank Bourgeois Interview

Fast recovery expert, 3x X-games Real Snow gold medalist.

After his three consecutive wins at the famous X-Games real snow video contest, Frank is considered by most to be the most progressive street snowboarder of our time. His stunts are so technical and impressive it seems to surpass the human physical limitations. His success isn’t only related to his raw talent and determination, but also on his capacity to take the hard falls and keep going. 



When have you first discovered CBD and why where you using it?

I discovered CBD 2 years ago in California by using tinctures and balms. I started to try many different ones to relief the pain from my snowboard injuries and help me with stress and anxiety. I haven’t taken a pain killer since.



Why does having a fast recovery program is crucial when it comes to winning the REAL SNOW X-Game video competition?

The big challenge is the time frame to film the segment, its only two months for each competitor. Last year, while filming my video segment for the 4th consecutive season, I had a pretty gnarly back injury at the very beginning, and the contusion size was big enough that I could feel it down to my toes. The next morning at the hospital I thought I was out of the competition for good, possibly the whole season. Hoping I could still come back, I started to only use CBD products for the treatment and was amazed by the quick progress of the inflammation and pain. I was back on my snowboard after 20 days, and this allowed me to finish what I started.

Why did you guys decide to start CBDayz?

I have tried many products and some works better than others. Based on my experience, I wanted to create the best CBD product possible for people who get injured often and need constant relief. I had the chance to do it with innovative scientists, pro-athletes, and friends using high-quality organic hemp. Now I want to share my positive experience with hemp extracts with the world through a brand dedicated to action sports that inspire to be well and healthy.


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