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DCP interview

DCP interview

You have been a pro snowboarder for over 20 years and you often been known within your sport as the ‘’energizer bunny’’, where to you find all that energy to always want to keep going? 

Haha, yes I guess I have been putting in a lot of effort over the last 20 years of my snowboarding career. It all started in the Half Pipe. I would hike the pipe faster than most, then when I started filming in the backcountry, building jumps or riding bigger lines, I would just hike lots, fast, over and over. So I could land my tricks or learn new ones. 

I really think I hiked fast just so that I can have 1 more chance to make a run down the halfpipe, 1 more crack at the jump, 1 more hit on the quarter pipe, you know.
It’s the same with surfing. I can usually stay out and paddle and surf for 6-7 hours in a row. I just want to catch 1 more wave. 



I guess it’s my thirst to learn or to experience. Experience those feelings of being in the flow state, being connected with your self, being connected with nature and the
elements. Whether the element is liquid or frozen water, I am attracted to it and I really value that connection. 

For that reason, I want to make sure my body stays healthy, strong and fit. I need to make sure all my systems are well balanced and work with each other.  

I don’t want to be restricted by my body. Ultimately, I ‘d love to be able to ride and surf the way I do in my dreams. Still. 

I am conscious that, at 39, I am getting older, but I truly believe that with a good dose of passion, lots of time in the flow state, good food, good water, good natural supplements, and anti-inflammatories, it will be possible to keep going strong well into my 40s.



How did you first discover CBD and why are you using it? 

My relationship with the cannabis plant has been special for a long time. But over the last few years, with the legislation changes and the exposure of the product offerings, I have learned about the different components of weed. THC and CBD being the 2main ones. 

5 years ago, my wife went through Breast Cancer and it was a very difficult experience for her. Chemotherapy is no joke and it was making her very sick. Once she started using CBD, she could finally handle her nausea, appetite and rest better. 

She also used it topically as she was getting very sore from the treatments and from exercising between treatments. When I saw how it was helping her, I started using the topical as well and I really liked it. My body was reacting very well with CBD topical. I never was a fan of Ibuprofen, though I had to take it throughout my career to charge through injuries. I find that nowadays, I can use CBD and avoid ever using opioids again. 

I need my body, which is my vessel, to take me where I want to go. So I need good fuel in my vessel to avoid immediate and down the road problems. 

I want to fly high, fast and far. 

Why did you guys decide to Start CBDayz? 

Originally, I was thinking to start a CBD Dog treats company for my dog and my friend’s dogs haha. But seriously, besides being an athlete I have been a brand owner and founder of YES. Snowboards for the last 11 years, we are a part of the action sports community and I have lived that lifestyle all my life. I have seen the sport of snowboarding progress and I have seen the switch as snowboarding (as well as skateboarding and surfing) got more mature. The level is so high and at the same time, our body is aging and taking a beating. We felt like it would be right to develop some CBD products to help and target our action sports community and the core of our sports and lifestyle. We have seen too many friends get injured and fall into an opioid abyss. We want to promote taking care of yourself, taking care of your soul and body to achieve your goals. We want to promote the use of CBD as a supplement to maintain and balance our body and keep living our exciting action-packed lifestyle for years to come. If it works for the action sports athlete, it will work for you as well, no matter what level you are, no matter what kind of physical activities. Get after it! 

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