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CBDayz Raw Files | Bridge Battle | Episode 9 of 10

This is the ninth episode of 10 featuring CBDayz’s pro snowboarder Frank Bourgeois on his journey to winning 3 X-Games REAL SNOW gold medals. After 2 years raising the bar for himself with unanimous votes from both judges and the public, all eyes are on him and he knows it. Watch him deal with pain and anxiety as he battles with the bridge!

Franks Words:

This barrel roll wall ride was new for me. We had the perfect spot for that with natural speed. I love to do this trick on a jump so I knew I could do it on a wall ride. This trick and this feature was a funny battle. If you don’t flip you’ll knock your head. Flip or die trying! Haha

Who Is CBDayz?

CBDayz means « the good days » The days you've won and the days left to conquer. We are an athlete-driven science backed research group, led by the desire to keep practicing our favorite sports well into old age. We strongly believe that if you take care of your mental and physical health, seek fulfilment, think positive and live in the present moment; anything is possible and happiness can become your only state of mind. Regardless of the barriers of anxiety, pain and energy; we have one life, one chance, so we have one choice…


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