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"The muscle gel product is my go to. The cooling sensation offers instant relief, while the long term effects keep me waking up refreshed and ready to go ride day after day."

IG: @Ron4th

Home: Mammoth Lake, CA

Age: 30

Injury list: Knees and more

Number of surgeries2 surgeries. Both knee ACL replacements and meniscus repairs.  


Ron forth Mammoth mountain CBd CBdayz

Photo: Brad Chamberlain

Outside of using CBD, what are your 3 most consistent healthy habits to keep getting after it?

Staying active and mobile on or off the board, keeping up a healthy diet as much as possible and surrounding myself with with good homies who share my passions help to keep me feel at my best and stay motivated.

What is the biggest challenge or fear you face about snowboarding/skate/surf/injuries?

The biggest fear I think is always not being able to preform at my best and see my injuries hold me back from doing what I love and live for.

ron Forth Mammoth Mountain CBD CBDayz

Photo: Todd Robertson

What is your long-term solution to handle it?

 I do wear knee braces on both sides to protect from hyperextending. But aside from that I try to stay as Mobil as possible in my joints and keep my muscles moving by skating, working out, or adventuring through the mountains in the summer months.

What was the worst recovery experience you’ve had over the years? 

 My worst injury experience has to be my first knee blow out at 18. I rode through the injury for the season creating a pretty serious uphill battle for myself in the future but my knee is now at its best it has been since the surgery and continues to get stronger.

Ron Forth Mammoth Mountain CBDayz CBD

Photo: Todd Robertson

Do you mess with opioids at all? What’s your take on that?

Opioids are not something I am big on. I’m more of a “natural medication” guy If you will.

What is the freestyle trick you hope to still be doing at 65 years old?

If I can still throw a few 270s out of some jibs when I’m an old guy I will be completely satisfied I think.

Ron Forth CBDayz

Photo: Todd Robertson

What are the values that drives you to snowboard so much?

 A mix of the community of great people who share my passion ,and the drive to progress individually constantly in different directions is what attracts me to snowboarding.

What else do you enjoy the most outside of snowboarding?

Outside of boarding I think my what fuels me is the experience of the outdoors in general. This and the connections I have with the people I care about keep me smiling on a daily basis.

What other sponsors are currently supporting your dopamine habit?

Bataleon snowboard, vonzipper, check the feed, moto winch and Arizona 

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