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“The muscle gel is lights out for me! Having something that helps my pain/soreness as well as CBDayz does but doesn’t affect my mental/physical state like pain meds is huge. I can just relax and focus on riding and doing what I love.”

IG: @RobotCandi

Home: Traverse City, Michigan

Age: 29

Injury list: Broken fingers, broken nose, separated shoulder, broken ribs, torn labrum in hip, knee injuries, back injuries, concussions, broken elbow

Number of surgeries: Thankfully only one (knock on wood) hip surgery on a torn labrum.

Most painful injury: My back, slid off a handrail early and stuck to a set of concrete stairs and front flipped down them catching my back on the last stair. Couldn’t walk for a month.

Kenny Simmons Steamboat Colorado CBD CBDayz

 Outside of using CBD, what are your 3 most consistent healthy habits to keep getting after it?

Getting in the gym to maintain my physical strength, staying hydrated and remaining active during the year with various other activities like surfing, hockey, pretty much anything outside.

CBD CBDayz Kenny Simmons

What is the biggest challenge or fear you face about snowboarding/skate/surf/injuries?

 Honestly, it’s mostly the mental aspect. There’s always a small piece of your mind that concerns itself with potential risk and injury before, during, after tricks or sessions or whatever. Just finding a way to push that aside and be confident about my riding is something I continue to work on more each season.

What is your long-term solution to handle it?

 (Special brace, training, no booze etc.…) Of course, maintaining an active lifestyle and ensuring my body stays strong is crucial. But also continuing to build trust in my riding and in my friends when were together to keep confidence high and hype each other up.

Asmo powsurf CBD CBDayz kenny Simmons

 What was the worst recovery experience you’ve had over the years? 

 I wouldn’t say it was the worst one but my hip surgery was a tough one, I had never had surgery before that so it was a huge mental battle to stay positive and trust my PT to know what was best for my recovery as well as just battling through the pain during each stage in working back to full strength.

 Do you mess with opioids at all? What’s your take on that?

 I try to refrain from pain meds. Even after my hip surgery in 2014 I didn’t use the pain killers they gave me, maybe just a couple ibuprofen here and there. In dealing with more recent injuries, I’ve primarily relied on CBDayz products and a massage gun for relief.

 Handplant mammoth Mountain CBD CBDayz

 What is the freestyle trick you hope to still be doing at 65 years old?

 Man…haha at this rate I just hope to be ripping some turns! But if I could choose and my knees would allow, I’m picking the swack 5.

What are the values that drives you to snowboard so much?

 Passion, positivity, respect, friendship, love, creativity

Method kenny Simmons snowboarding recovery cbd cbdayz

 What else do you enjoy the most outside of snowboarding?

Just being stoked of life, we don’t get a ton of time on this rock so just trying to make the most insane memories and stories with my friends and family while I can.

What other sponsors are currently supporting your dopamine habit?

Powder Tools, Bar-U-Eat, Jones Snowboards

cbdJones snowboard kenny simmons 

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