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Why We Love CBD Beeswax Zinc Balms

Beeswax is one of the best natural salves to heal your skin. It has been a quality claim for beauty products for centuries. But don’t get confused, we truly don’t care about superficial beauty here at CBDayz. We spend most of our lives sweating it out anyway and already feel good about ourselves.

What we care about is protecting your lips and face from the burning sun. This could stop you from getting after it and keep you home watching the swell from a webcam instead. The idea to infuse CBD with beeswax is just way too exciting and we simply couldn’t ignore it. Both recognized across the globe for helping skin conditions and all major brands giving beeswax its deserved publicity, let’s just get to the point:

To make sure no one claims they have a better product, we went all in. Organic beeswax of course, but where from? Easy when you’ve already got the plug! We are using local Californian farmers we know well, which are friends of some of our family members. They know their bees! And the texture and feel of their wax is the ultimate quality claim we needed. Supporting your entourage always feels great when conducting business.

CBD Zinc Balm 250mg

The CBDayz CBD zinc balm is the surfer’s best friend. When the swell is going, we must stay in the water. Therefore we need to protect our face and neck from the constant UV rays shining on us. With an FPS 50+ protection and made with Organic beeswax, no compromises are made. While the zinc blocks the sun, the 250mg of CBD takes care of pleasing the skin. We could claim this Zinc Balm is like a 2 in 1 shampoo, and achieve two different functions simultaneously. Don’t miss a day out because of insolation and use the adequate protection we created. In the zinc balm we trust!

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