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Bigger and Bolder, The 4oz 5000mg has landed!

After three years of collecting awesome positive feedback on our original OG Muscle Gel formula, it was time to push this already great product to the next level! Riders and customers asked for it and we listened. Surveys we have done towards providing one of the strongest CBD muscle gels on the market were clear and 70% asked for a bigger jar of this CBD muscle gel goodness. We can certainly understand why.

With frequent use and appreciation of the benefits of CBD in recovery, energy and well being; we've created a bigger format with higher potency, and axed the price to make it more affordable to our active CBDayz community.

CBDayz being a rider-driven entity, serving our action sport demographic, we are bringing you a CBD topical that is very strong, in a big jar and works at a price you can't beat.

CBDayz OG muscle Gel 5000mg cbd

With the snowboard season in motion across the globe, the time to take care of your lingering injuries has arrived. We hope to help you with this strongest version of our OG. The ingredient list remains much the same. All natural and organic, non-GMO and maxed out with 5000mg of CBD per 4 oz jars. The gel is ideal when used after training, before the morning stretch and after a solid day riding on the mountain.

We have also included 4 tips to help you decide the best OG Muscle Gel for you in order to maximize its potential help of CBD on your injuries.

CBDayz OG muscle gel ingredients CBD 

OG Muscle gel application tips

  1. Have you tried the OG after a hot shower or jacuzzi? This is probably the best insight about optimizing the OG muscle gel experience. When your skin pores are open, the absorption of the CBD by the muscle and ligaments happens much faster, and the icy-hot sensation of calming relief gets more intense.
  2. Have you noticed how fast the OG muscle gel dries? This creates a great opportunity to apply the OG 2-3 times in a row, and give a shock treatment to a sore area. Witness the CBD factor by applying it frequently over a 24 hour period. Since the pow days are never waiting for you, this is often what we do to make sure to get after it when the pow dumps are blessing us daily.
  3. You don't have any injuries at the moment? That's pretty awesome! We are stoked for you. Make sure to store your OG muscle gel in a cool place. The natural oils are sensitive to the heat. Keep it cool with the OG. You won't regret it next time you get in trouble and want this soothing friend.
  4. Ask your partner or a friend. Most owners have been treating back pain with the OG muscle gel, and a full back massage is basically the prime-time you are dreaming about when your muscles cool down. Make sure to tell them the gel dries very fast and that it will only take 2 minutes, this should up the success of each demands. 


The OG 5K promises to deliver the goods and we couldn't thank our customers enough to drive us into this organic decision process of giving you more CBD and gel, for less dollars. Don't hesitate to reach out if have any questions about CBDayz products, we always love to hear them.

CBDayz OG muscle gel 5000mg CBD


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